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Dev Diary 4/2024: One Week, Two Updates

This week, we not only released the first feature update of the year but also rolled out a hotfix update! 💥

Next Time On Endless Studio…

Following the finalization and release of update 2024.1 featuring the Briefing Room, we addressed some bugs reported by our players in the hotfix update 2024.1.1.

With these fixes in place, we're gearing up to plan and implement the second preparation update for the Managing Your Own Network feature set next week, introducing the Library! 🚀

Feature Voting Status Report

Results for Feature Voting Season #3, Week #7 🗳️ are in, revealing the following Top 5 features:

  • Planned Show Ending: 840 votes
  • Critics & Awards: 839 votes
  • Feature Movies: 348 votes
  • Producing Whole Seasons: 227 votes
  • More Talent Variety: 117 votes

Critics & Awards surpassed Planned Show Ending during the week, but by week's end, the order of the features had reverted to the same as last week.

If you haven't already, consider subscribing or upgrading to the Level 2 Supporter Subscription to ensure your voice is heard! Voting will conclude when the Managing Your Own Network feature set is completely released, at which point we'll announce a winner and start a new voting season.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and enjoy building your studios! Stay tuned for more updates as we progress! 📺

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