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Dev Diary 2/2023: Endless Studio 2023.6 is here

Update the game to experience all the new possibilities:

  • Level 2 Subscription: you can now choose the new, second tier Supporter Subscription and enjoy its exclusive benefits.
  • Feature Voting: with a Level 2 Subscription you can now vote on which features you would like to see developed next.
  • Early Access: the Level 2 Subscription gives you early access to the newest features, beginning with the next update.
  • Hall of Fame: all Level 2 Subscribers will be able to show their support by appearing in-game, among Endless Studio's biggest fans.
  • Increased Support: by choosing the Level 2 Subscription you help speeding up game development even more.
  • Yearly Subscription: you can now get 12 months of Level 1 or Level 2 Subscription for the price of only 9 months.
  • Game Menu: instead of the old Settings screen there is now a brand new Game Menu with a couple of new options.
  • Supporter Subscription screens: within the Game Menu, you'll find the new My Subscription, Feature Voting and Hall of Fame screens.
  • Studio Management: there's also a brand new screen to launch new studios and to edit/load existing ones.
  • Facelift: the Knowledge Base and the Contact screens got much prettier.
  • Settings: there is now a new Settings screen, where you can toggle the tutorial and notification settings and delete all your game data.
  • And finally, the bugs: we hunted down a couple of pesky bugs and made small refinements.

New Subscription Pricing Options

With the introduction of Level 2 and the Yearly options you now have 4 options to choose from, with the following prices in USD (for other currencies the equivalent price is determined by Apple):

  • Level 1 (Monthly) - $1,99
  • Level 2 (Monthly) - $4,99
  • Level 1 (Yearly) - $17.99 ($1.5/month)
  • Level 2 (Yearly) - $44.99 ($3.75/month)

The New Feature Voting

With this release we are (re)introducing a mechanism for the voting for features you want to develop next, so that in exchange for your support you have the ability to directly influence the development of the game. There are currently 68 planned features on the list, and everyone with an active Level 2 Supporter Subscription has 10 votes to distribute among these. Voting will conclude with the next update, and then we'll announce a winner and start a new voting phase.

In The Next Update of Endless Studio...

We'll now start working on the Switching Shows to Different Networks feature. This will be the first feature that we'll provide in Early Access to all our Level 2 Subscribers, and to everyone else in the update after that. Also, we are planning to add some kind of News screen into the game so that you can keep track of all the info in one neat place.

That's it for now, have a great weekend and fun building your studios! We’ll keep you updated on all developments, so stay tuned! 📺

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