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Dev Diary 5/2023: A Fourth Way of Switching Shows

In The Next Update of Endless Studio...

Although it proved to be much more complicated than we imagined, we are now almost finished with developing the Switching Shows to Different Networks feature for the next update! 🥳

In last week’s Dev Diary, we talked about three situations when a network switch can happen for one of your shows:

  • when your new show’s pitch fails and you want to try again,
  • when you want to find a better network for a successful show,
  • when a show gets cancelled but you want to save it.

And now we are happy to report that the functionality for the 4th situation is also completed: this happens when a network finds one of your shows exceptionally attractive and are making an offer on their own, trying to convince you to switch your show to their network! 💥

We are now starting a thorough test, because this network switching business turned a lot of the game’s base mechanics completely on its head and we want to make as sure as possible that it doesn’t break your in-progress games.

After that we have to add one more thing to the update: a way to show news about the game, within the game, so you can keep track of what was updated and what’s available with and without Early Access at any point in time. We also want to let you know when there’s an update available you haven’t downloaded yet.

Feature Voting Status Report

Third week results for the First Feature Voting Phase are in. Endless Studio's biggest fans, who chose the Level 2 Supporter Subscription, used their power to vote to elevate the following features to the Top 5:

  • Spin-offs, Franchises, Reboots: 58 votes
  • Critics & Awards: 54 votes
  • Negotiating Renewal Offers: 22 votes
  • Managing Your Own Network: 21 votes
  • Planned Show Endings: 17 votes

Managing Your Own Network is coming up, it took over the 4th place from Planned Show Endings!

If you haven't yet but would also like to vote for features you want to be developed next, subscribe (or upgrade) to the Level 2 Supporter Subscription! Voting will conclude with the next update, and then we'll announce a winner and start a new voting phase.

That's it for now, have a great weekend and fun building your studios! We’ll keep you updated on all developments, so stay tuned! 📺

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