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Dev Diary 6/2023: Latest News on the Website

In The Next Update of Endless Studio...

We completed a thorough test for the upcoming Switching Shows to Different Networks feature, and everything looks good, so we are very close to shipping the next update! 🥳

We mentioned in last week’s Dev Diary, that we also want to add a way to show news about the game, within the game, so you can keep track of what was updated and what’s available with and without Early Access at any point in time, and to also see when there’s an update available you haven’t downloaded yet.

To achieve this, we first had to make significant behind-the-scenes changes to how Endless Studio's website and server operates, so that the news will be able to appear both on the website and in the game.

And we are happy to announce that we managed to complete this transition and launch the updated website, which now lives at this new address:

👉 https://endlessstudio.endlessflux.com 👈

The updated website now displays all the Latest News and you can also go back and see past news updates.

With this completed, we'll now work on integrating the news & update notifications into the game, and hopefully 🤞 by this time next week we'll be ready to launch the update!

Feature Voting Status Report

Fourth week results for the First Feature Voting Phase are in. Endless Studio's biggest fans, who chose the Level 2 Supporter Subscription, used their power to vote to elevate the following features to the Top 5:

  • Critics & Awards: 67 votes
  • Spin-offs, Franchises, Reboots: 62 votes
  • Managing Your Own Network: 38 votes
  • Negotiating Renewal Offers: 23 votes
  • Planned Show Endings: 18 votes

Critics & Awards overtook Spin-offs, Franchises, Reboots and is now the new frontrunner, and Managing Your Own Network overtook Negotiating Renewal Offers, and is now at 3rd place! 💥

If you haven't yet but would also like to vote for features you want to be developed next, subscribe (or upgrade) to the Level 2 Supporter Subscription! Voting will conclude with the next update, and then we'll announce a winner and start a new voting phase.

That's it for now, have a great weekend and fun building your studios! We’ll keep you updated on all developments, so stay tuned! 📺

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