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Dev Diary 7/2023: Update 2023.7 is ready to go + last chance to vote!

In The Next Update of Endless Studio...

All development and testing tasks are now completed for the Switching Shows to Different Networks feature, and also the new screen to show Game News & Updates within the game! 🥳

We just sent the update to Apple for review, and hopefully 🤞, if they approve it quickly, we can release version 2023.7 early next week!

Feature Voting Status Report

Fifth week results for the First Feature Voting Phase are in. Endless Studio's biggest fans, who chose the Level 2 Supporter Subscription, used their power to vote to elevate the following features to the Top 5:

  • Spin-offs, Franchises, Reboots: 76 votes
  • Critics & Awards: 68 votes
  • Managing Your Own Network: 39 votes
  • Negotiating Renewal Offers: 24 votes
  • Feature Movies: 13 votes

After last week's dramatic takeover, Spin-offs, Franchises, Reboots retook the throne from Critics & Awards, and is now again the frontrunner. There is also a newcomer to the Top 5, Feature Movies, which took the 5th place from Planned Show Endings!

💥💥💥 IMPORTANT 💥💥💥 There are likely only a few days left in the first Voting Phase, as it concludes with the release of version 2023.7! This is your last opportunity to make your voice heard... If you haven't yet but would also like to vote for features you want to be developed next, subscribe (or upgrade) to the Level 2 Supporter Subscription! Voting will conclude with the next update, and then we'll announce a winner and start a new voting phase.

That's it for now, have a great weekend and fun building your studios! We’ll keep you updated on all developments, so stay tuned! 📺

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