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Dev Diary 7/2024: Introducing the New Show Details Screen

This week, we pressed forward with the development of the Library, a crucial step towards the upcoming Managing Your Own Network feature set. We also dedicated significant time to engaging with our fans, addressing their questions and issues.

Next Time On Endless Studio…

Our progress on the new Library room remains on schedule.

Last week, we unveiled the Show List screen, which now enables you to tap on any show — whether it's yours or from another studio — and navigate to the revamped Show Details screen. The upgrade of this screen not only modernizes the interface but also introduces several new features and information:

  • Name of the Studio that produced the show,
  • Updated show status to include both the production phase and archival status,
  • Flexibility to modify the logline at any point, not just upon show creation,
  • Release date, reflecting the airing date of the first episode, even if it's just scheduled,
  • Display of total show views,
  • Average score for all completed episodes,
  • A new Archive / Unarchive button,
  • And a Delete button for shows still In Development, and without any episodes yet.

We've shared a brief video showcasing these updates on our Instagram. Our next steps involve developing screens accessible from the Show Detail screen, including the Episode List screen. Stay tuned! 🚀

Feature Voting Status Report

Results for Feature Voting 🗳️ Season #3, Week #10 are in, revealing the following Top 5 features:

  • Planned Show Ending: 1078 votes
  • Critics & Awards: 1034 votes
  • Feature Movies: 368 votes
  • Producing Whole Seasons: 319 votes
  • More Talent Variety: 149 votes

If you haven't already, consider subscribing or upgrading to the Level 2 Supporter Subscription to ensure your voice is heard! Voting will conclude when the Managing Your Own Network feature set is completely released, at which point we'll announce a winner and start a new voting season.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend and enjoy building your studios! Stay tuned for more updates as we progress! 📺

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